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Psychometric Assessments & Simulation Tools

Measure your competencies 
at a deeper level

If you have been invited to attend an Assessment / Development Centre, you will be going through a variety of exercises so we can measure your behaviour across various work situations.

Below is an overview of the types of exercises you may expect on your Assessment / Development day. Not every Assessment / Development Centre consists of all of these exercises, but often a number of these are used.

  • Aptitude tests: Numerical, verbal and abstract reasoning tests, which give an indication of a candidate's ability to reason with and make correct decisions based on work-related information. To experience the aptitude tests, you can take some practice exercises here:
  • Personality / Motivational questionnaires: a series of questions that measure your personality preferences and/or motivational drivers.
  • Simulation exercises
    • In-tray exercise: individual written exercise in which you will be asked to solve problems and make decisions, based on a number of letters and memos.
    • Interactive exercises or role plays:
      • Analysis and Presentation exercise: we observe how you analyse a range of data and make a presentation of your solutions to a superior.
      • Management exercise: a face-to-face discussion with another role player who may be your colleague, superior or direct report.
      • Commercial exercise: we observe how you analyse a range of data relating to a commercial problem and how you interact with a potential client.
    • Group exercise: here we look at how you interact with other participants during a group discussion.
  • Competency Based Interview: a structured, in-depth interview to gather relevant information on specific competencies by means of specific situations or examples. Click here to view our interview preparation guide.
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