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What is an Assessment / Development Centre?

Exercises that measure skills
and competencies

An Assessment Centre is a multi-method approach to selection whereby a candidate will complete a number of different assessments that are specifically designed to assess the key competencies for the role for which they are applying. Based on the selected competencies, the Assessment Centre provides a clear understanding of the candidate’s strengths or developmental needs and evaluates their potential.

A Development Centre is similar to an assessment centre, but focuses more on the participants’ further professional development. The competency profile for the assessment or development centre is determined according to the needs of the role. This profile forms the basis of evaluating the participant’s performance on each of the different exercises completed. It is tailored to the organisation and/or the specific function and reflects the organisation’s expectations for the role.

A candidate’s/participant’s results are compared to a norm group rather than directly to another candidate/participant. In providing feedback, we keep in mind the client’s expectations and pay attention to the kind of behaviour the organisation is looking for.

What does the day look like?

The schedule will be communicated in a specific invitation letter. The detailed plan for the day will be presented to you at the beginning of the session. It will consist of different exercises/tests and you will be offered breaks throughout the day which will depend on the length of the Assessment / Development Centre.

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