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Gap in perceptions of innovation in the workplace

How innovative do you think your workplace is? Do you have a culture where new ideas are openly discussed? Do you allow opportunities to take risks and make mistakes?

The latest research by Hudson shows that employers typically think their workplace is more innovative than their employees think it is.
Hudson Report H2 2016 Singapore
The Hudson Report H2 2016 shows that professionals aspire to work at innovative adaptable workplaces. If their current employer doesn’t give them enough opportunity to develop new skills and come up with new ideas, will they look elsewhere? Download the report to find out how many candidates are actively or passively looking for work.

The great divide: Just what skills will we need for the future?

Employers and employees are also at odds on just what will be the key skills needed in tomorrow’s workplaces.

Employers are more concerned with wanting their people to be agile, innovative and able to think critically, while their people are more focused on playing catch up – coping with change and managing stakeholders.

Prepare your team for 2017

The new Hudson Report analyses the talent landscape and provides insights on how employers can best prepare for 2017 and beyond

Download now to find out:

  • The state of the hiring market
  • The top skills in demand for future workplaces
  • How to close the gaps in expectations between employers and employees
  • How to embed a culture of innovation and agility
  • The importance of soft skills in selecting talent
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